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Links for 10/01/09

By Wise Elephant • Oct 1st, 2009

Links for 10/01/09
Um, Martha, Oprah already OWNS Twitter. LINK
Twitter to add Lists feature, soon. LINK
Incubate Innovation Lecture by Andrew Keen – video. LINK
New Music Label trolls YouTube for popular talent. LINK
This person who DID get a Google Wave invite, offers some insight. LINK
An Agency shares thoughts on their failed pitch. LINK
Bro! Some dude named Kimmel, [...]

Links for 9/24/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 24th, 2009

Links for 9/24/09
Concept Feedback: A new crowd-sourced design critique engine (in case you miss your art school days). LINK
The Greg Brady Project (official blog of Greg Williams): LINK
How to Be a Better Brand Planner (BrandTwist): Many agencies talk a good game about striving to understand their client’s business. LINK
Andrei Codrescu: Growing Up The IPod Way [...]

Links for 9/23/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 23rd, 2009

Links for 9/23/09
Paul Smith for evian! (Style Couch): Sir Paul Smith designed a bottle for evian. LINK
E.Coli Cleans Up Nuclear Waste Cheaply, Efficiently (We Designs): E. Coli does more than just make people sick — it can also be used to clean up nuclear waste, according to researchers at Birmingham University. LINK
Luxury Marketers Move Online [...]

Links for 9/22/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 22nd, 2009

Links for 9/22/09
Lego Block Digital Camera (Gommmi Arcade): Lego has announced that they are collaborating with Digital Blue on a line of electronics goods for children including digital cameras and walkie talkies. LINK

The Impossible Project (The Impossible project): The folks who are bringing back polaroid film. LINK

Nielsen, Facebook: Social networking as consumer attitude tracker (ZDNet): [...]

Links for 9/21/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 21st, 2009

Links for 9/21/09
Social Capital as part of GDP? (Social Capital Blog): French President Sarkozy’s blue-chip Commission recommends measuring social capital. LINK
World’s ten greatest large urban parks (Infrastructurist): Everyone knows what a urban park looks like, right? LINK
Dell Expands Services in $3.9 Billion Perot Deal (NYTimes): Dell, seeking growth, moves away from hardware and into people-power. [...]

Links for 9/18/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 18th, 2009

Links for 9/18/09
The Frankencamera (via Paul M. Watson): an open-source (code and hardware design) digital camera from Stanford. LINK
Weekend Reading – The Seeds of the Next Boom? (Total Rewards Blog): The Wall Street Journal
has a great article that discusses one of the positive impacts of the implosion of Wall Street and the so-called Great Recession [...]

Links for 9/17/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 17th, 2009

Links for 9/17/09
Find Opportunity in Adversity (Center for Creative Leadership): 9 bullet-points to help ease the transition into the post-recession economy. LINK
Value of Arts and Culture Redefined – Video (Creatively Curious): John Holden (formerly of Demos) describes the expanding and interrelated reach of arts and culture… LINK
Funding Photojournalism in the Future (Gizmotastic): Thoughts on The [...]

Links for 9/16/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 16th, 2009

Links for 9/16/09
Love is the new black (via so-fauxreal.com): Simple poster with text. LINK
Walkability: Measuring Urban Quality of Life (via Downtown Suites News- Vancouver): This web-based tool allows you to assign a walkable score to a residence, in order to gauge quality-of-life:  LINK
Whuffie Bank (Uniquely the Epitome): A nonprofit organization dedicated to building a new [...]

Links for 9/15/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 15th, 2009

We’re going to start posting (mostly) daily links of articles/posts/findings we’re either reading or thought were worth noting. These used to go into our “Shorts” section within our sidebar, but we’re going to try fitting them into one daily post.

Henrik Olund – 366

By Wise Elephant • May 29th, 2008

05/09/08, 9:07 pm; Dinner at “Baba Louis” in Hudson, New York: