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Seeking Interns for Music Photo Site

By Sara McGuyer • Sep 2nd, 2010

We’re currently looking for 3 people to fill part-time (10-15 hrs/wk) internship positions. This is a great opportunity to be part of a live music photo site/start-up site while developing social media know-how and communications skills.

Job Alert: We’re Hiring a PT Community Engagement Coordinator

By Sara McGuyer • Aug 25th, 2010

One of the things we do at Wise Elephant is help launch start-ups and products. Currently we’re heading up operations for one of our clients, a live music photo website. Our roles include overall strategy, marketing and everything from planning workflow to building a team.

Social Cycling

By Sara McGuyer • Aug 24th, 2010

Bicycling just got a shot in the arm as a strong option for public transportation in the US. Sobi, the Social Bicycle System, offers bicycle sharing in a model reminiscent of Zip Car.

Neighborgoods in Your ‘Hood

By Sara McGuyer • Aug 20th, 2010

Americans have a romantic notion of being able to walk next door to borrow a cup of sugar, but most people I know don’t have that type of relationship with their neighbors. Neighborgoods seeks to change that by setting up a network where you can search for items you need to borrow, or lend/rent your own goods.

Hybrid Business: A New Mix, from Couture to Meat

By Sara McGuyer • Aug 18th, 2010

After watching ice cream trucks all but disappear from streets, the food truck business has made a huge comeback. When a taco truck in Indiana can make it into the New York Times, you know there’s a trend afoot. West Coast Tacos in Indianapolis is the perfect example of the hybrid business – new product, old package, new relevance.

Sewn News

By Sara McGuyer • Aug 10th, 2010

As news consumption shifts between mediums, the future of printed news comes into question. Somewhere between feelings of nostalgia for the tactile experience and a drive for progress and technology, there’s cause for great reflection on the role of newspapers. Lauren DiCioccio creates mixed-media work for a mixed media world, using the New York Times as her canvas.

Jamie Keiles Takes on Teen Media

By Sara McGuyer • Jul 27th, 2010

Jamie Keiles, at just 18 years old, has raised the bar on the student resume, not once, but twice. Having just completed The Seventeen Magazine Project, in which she documented 30 days of living life as advised by Seventeen, she has widened the scope for her latest project, teenagerie.com to cover representation of teenagers in media.

The Future of Biking

By Sara McGuyer • Jul 26th, 2010

Seeking a million voices for a cause isn’t anything new, but peopleforbikes.org have put together an ambitious nationwide call to action to help create a more bike-friendly environment in the states. If you’ve ever biked on a busy road, you know how much this movement is needed.

Hey, Remember Me?

By Sara McGuyer • Jul 8th, 2010

I went to my bank, Marshall & Ilsley in Broad Ripple, the other day and something really strange happened. There was no one else in line and the two tellers were finishing up with their previous transactions. One of them looked up at me and said, “Hi Sara, I’ll be right with you.” WAIT – what? She used my first name? Which she obviously remembers from previous visits?

The Creaters Project Featuring Mira Calix

By Sara McGuyer • Jun 18th, 2010

Inspired by Mira Calix, visual and aural arts composer. See her work featured on The Creaters Project. First she envisions the creative work, then finds the technology to make it happen.