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Nt’l Rnw Enrgy Cnf

By Sheila • Oct 27th, 2008

Attending the National Renewable Energy Marketing Conference in Denver CO and learning just how complex the issue is. With the involvement of legislation, corporate utility companies, upstart alternative energy providers and environmental action leagues, there is definitely no easy fix here. It is going to take the public getting involved in local legislation and making [...]

Best Andouille Potato Cake: Don Hall’s Castleton Grill

By Sheila • Aug 12th, 2008

Unexpected goodness. Mashed potato mixed with andouille and herbs, deep fried and topped with fresh corn and a horseradish sauce. Pair with a $2 double decker slider and you have yourself a meal under $6.

Best Croissant : JCC – The Center Cafe

By Sheila • Aug 11th, 2008

The shell could be a little more crisp, but I have not found another that comes close… in Indianapolis.

New School 101

By Sheila • Jul 17th, 2008

Directed and produced by Takeshi Kamisato, this DVD is not a yo-yo trick video, but a true documentary about the players whose lives are bound together by a wheel and a piece of string.
New School 101

Green Power

By Sheila • Jan 18th, 2008

Do you flip through the pages of those eco-modern-lifestyle magazines and websites and wonder, “why don’t we have eco-friendly energy and lifestyle choices here in Indianapolis”? Stop wondering my friends, because you do. Indiana Power & Light (IPL) offers their customers the option to purchase electricity generated from clean, renewable energy sources, including wind, solar, [...]

Lilly Theater at the Children’s Museum

By Sheila • Jan 14th, 2008

So it’s common knowledge that Indianapolis has the largest children’s museum in the world – a more than 400,000-square-foot facility that houses 11 major galleries that explore the physical and natural sciences, history, world cultures and the arts. But did you know, included in the price of museum admission, you can catch a live theater [...]