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By Sara McGuyer • Jun 17th, 2010

Wise Elephant, along with some really sharp thinkers/writers/doers, recently started a side project called Sundayed. Jason Moriber had a vision for a site that would publish content to sink your teeth into, the good stuff you have time to savor on a lazy Sunday afternoon. After talking with others and recruiting contributors, sundayed launched with the basic premise of delivering provocative weekend reading.

Jason’s Pecha Kucha 9 Screen-Cast: Libraries…

By Jason Moriber • May 24th, 2010

I did my best to replicate the content of my Pecha Kucha 9 presentation. The loose theme of the evening was focussed on book & public libraries. In Indianapolis there is current debate to cut library funding. My presentation pointed out 2 ways which could help boost the profile and revenues of the local public library system.

Pecha Kucha This Friday

By Sara McGuyer • May 20th, 2010

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our post about library closures and the upcoming Pecha Kucha event.

Let’s Make Some Noise For Libraries: Ticket Giveaway to Pecha Kucha 9

By Sara McGuyer • May 17th, 2010

Due to budget shortfalls, Indianapolis residents are facing the possibility of 6 public libraries being shuttered. Public meetings on the topic have drawn large crowds as residents speak up to save the libraries. One upcoming local event, Pecha Kucha 9, plans to delve into the topic with discussion of what our libraries and books mean to our society.

Social Media Marketing: Listen, Engage, and Broadcast (APA New York)

By Jason Moriber • May 10th, 2010

Social Media Marketing: Listen, Engage, and Broadcast: A Seminar lead by Jason Moriber of Wise Elephant. This seminar will provide useful background on the social media arena (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more), offer tactical and strategic advice…

Word of Mouth, Rock ‘n’ Roll Style

By Sara McGuyer • Apr 22nd, 2010

Last night I went to the Ok Go concert (an MOKB and WTTS production at the Earth House) as a casual fan. I own one album, and I (along with millions of other YouTube viewers) find their videos clever and amusing. They have never been among my favorite bands, but despite that I am much more likely to tell stories about this concert than any other.

Nifty TeuxDeux Lists

By Sara McGuyer • Mar 17th, 2010

To stay organized I make lists for work related, as well as personal tasks. If I write it down, I know it will get done because I need to mark it off of the list. For the past several weeks, I’ve been using TeuxDeux, a dead-simple, web-based list maker.

The Pickle Picker and Innovation by Maille

By Sara McGuyer • Mar 11th, 2010

You know those moments when you stumble upon a little innovation and wonder why no one thought of it before? Let me explain. Have you ever noticed that it isn’t easy to get a pickle or olive out of an emptying jar without a utensil, or perhaps the unitasking pickle picker that Rachel Ray says, “sounds kind of dirty, doesn’t it?”

How do you define “Local?”

By Jason Moriber • Nov 19th, 2009

We need new words to cover these intricacies. The historic “local” is defined by proximity. The associative local is defined by relationship. My reading of the undertone is that there is a greater shift towards the historical local which is burgeoning on the associative one. There seems to be new interest (and potential cash flows) in providing services/platforms for the historical local.

What makes a good photograph?

By Jason Moriber • Oct 2nd, 2009

During filmmaker Astra Taylor’s interview with philosopher Avital Ronell they touch on photography and film as a capturing, an archiving, and a deadening. If an artist can more deeply understand what makes their work “good” ideally they can make their work even better.