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How do you define “Local?”

By Jason Moriber • Nov 19th, 2009 • Category: Analysis, Loose Ends

This note on how to define “local,” especially when it comes to marketing, is pulled from a LinkedIn discussion I’m taking part in here: LINK.

We need new words to cover these intricacies. The historic “local” is defined by proximity. The associative local is defined by relationship. My reading of the undertone is that there is a greater shift towards the historical local which is burgeoning on the associative one. There seems to be new interest (and potential cash flows) in providing services/platforms for the historical local. Yes, this first wave is food, but craft is not too far behind (which is followed by commerce). This could be how the middle classes rebuild themselves.

On the associative front, rather than think of your product/service as needing to be marketed, the shift is to be organic/mercurial and create/recreate your product and/or service to match the needs of the market. This is a “local” behavior. Twitter changes its service based on the needs/suggestions of its users. Starbucks adds instant coffee at the same time it opens locally branded coffee shops. Marketing nationally to your associative local requires the extremes, either your a niche or you’re a blanket.

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