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Links for 9/18/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 18th, 2009 • Category: Dailies

Links for 9/18/09

The Frankencamera (via Paul M. Watson): an open-source (code and hardware design) digital camera from Stanford. LINK

Weekend Reading – The Seeds of the Next Boom? (Total Rewards Blog): The Wall Street Journal
has a great article that discusses one of the positive impacts of the implosion of Wall Street and the so-called Great Recession – the redirection of talented minds into new fields and ventures. LINK

Edward de Bono on creative thinking – Video (veryeasycreativity.com): Edward de Bono, renowned expert on creative thinking, talks about creativity and about thinking outside the box. LINK

What Is Convertising? (The Relationship Economy): With the emergence of social media the audience is expressing it’s dislike of mass media and a preference for “social media”. LINK

Planning for Shrinking Cities (Polis): Today, every sixth city in the world can be defined as a shrinking city. In the United States, these were once the dominant cities of the country… LINK

Live RB2AB: Zoning for the Arts – Cleveland (Rustwire): “Under the live-work zoning, all parking and yard requirements are eliminated. At least 50% of the space must be dedicated to workspace. Although traditional residential zoning will allow home-based work, it does not allow the resident to sell items out of the home. Live-work spaces are designed for the creative entrepreneur.” LINK

A peek inside illustrator “Thumbs” O’Neill’s molsekine notebook (”Thumbs” O’Neill): LINK

What works with small businesses and what doesn’t? (to: communication): Neat graph illustrating Estimated Relative Cost/Lead/Channel. LINK

“Slacktivists” (Uniquely the Epitome): First we heard of the term. LINK

say what? a forkless bike?! (dailyvitamins.com): yes, it’s a forkless bike. LINK

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