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Links for 9/17/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 17th, 2009 • Category: Dailies

Links for 9/17/09

Find Opportunity in Adversity (Center for Creative Leadership): 9 bullet-points to help ease the transition into the post-recession economy. LINK

Value of Arts and Culture Redefined – Video (Creatively Curious): John Holden (formerly of Demos) describes the expanding and interrelated reach of arts and culture… LINK

Funding Photojournalism in the Future (Gizmotastic): Thoughts on The Digital Journalist’s editorial titled How to Start to Save Photojournalism. LINK

The Cover design of the new Dazed & Confused Magazine (via Flickr): LINK

Internet Users Spend Majority Of Time With Content Sites (WebProNews): “…up from 34 percent of total time spent in 2003 to 42 percent in 2009, a 24 percent increase.” LINK

Is this an illustration of the PDN Expo? (ekbo): A Tatsuro Kiuchi illustration. LINK

Designer users soundwaves to form table top (Dudecraft): Designer Daniel Dendra used the recorded sounds of the streets in Cairo to create the CNC milling patterns for this incredible tabletop. LINK

Designing Obama — The Book (Simple Station): The design director for Barack Obama has published a book. LINK

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