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Links for 9/23/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 23rd, 2009 • Category: Dailies

Links for 9/23/09

Paul Smith for evian! (Style Couch): Sir Paul Smith designed a bottle for evian. LINK

E.Coli Cleans Up Nuclear Waste Cheaply, Efficiently (We Designs): E. Coli does more than just make people sick — it can also be used to clean up nuclear waste, according to researchers at Birmingham University. LINK

Luxury Marketers Move Online but Most Lack Digital Cunning (Fresh Blog):  According to a new study, only 33% of luxury brands were selling online a year ago, but the recession has had a profound effect, as 66% of luxury brands are now peddling their wares on the web. LINK

Marketers to Spend More on Virtual Events and Social Media in 2010 (Small Business Labs): 75% plan to increase their use of social media. LINK

Jean Paul Gaultier for Target? (Style List): “Sources” leaked that the next Target Designer Collaboration Series may be the one and only Parisian chic Jean Paul Gaultier. LINK

The state of design in 2009 (Design Notes): It would be too easy to bash istock photo for treating logos as a cheap commodity. They’ve just announced they’re going to sell them for five bucks. LINK

iStockphoto Will Soon Start Selling Stock Logos, Too (TechCrunch): …the company announced that it will soon start facilitating stock logo sales through its online marketplace. LINK

Arts tax receives criticism (Daily Penn): “It’s a profoundly stupid idea,” said Edward Epstein, executive director of the University City Arts League, a nonprofit organization dedicated to arts education. LINK

Scientists Believe Life Emerged from a Process of “Creative Destruction” and Global Warming (Art Diamond Blog): “(p. A9) In a paradox of creation, new evidence suggests that devastating avalanches of cosmic debris may have fostered life on Earth, not annihilated it.” LINK

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