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Links for 9/22/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 22nd, 2009 • Category: Dailies

Links for 9/22/09

Lego Block Digital Camera (Gommmi Arcade): Lego has announced that they are collaborating with Digital Blue on a line of electronics goods for children including digital cameras and walkie talkies. LINK

The Impossible Project (The Impossible project): The folks who are bringing back polaroid film. LINK

Nielsen, Facebook: Social networking as consumer attitude tracker (ZDNet): Nielsen and Facebook said Tuesday that they have forged a strategic alliance to use the social networking site as a research tool to gauge consumer attitudes and buying intentions. LINK

Can PR ride the Google Wave? (My Media Info): Google Wave, to be released to 100,000 members of the public on September 30. LINK

Real keyboard for iPhones (Traffic Synergy): As we know the iPhone does not have a physical keyboard, however a new attachment has been designed to combat this problem. LINK

The Camper Bike (Senses Lost): The Camper Bike is a great concept, designed by artist Kevin Cyr. He built the Camper Bike in 2008, though there isn’t much information about his creation. Below is a sketch that shows what the interior might look like. LINK

LinkedIn’s changes to personal home page resembles Facebook (Robert Stanke): It looks like LinkedIn made a small, but impactful, change last night to a logged in member’s personal home page. LINK

Is your brain grass or a glass? (MizMercer): Larry Ferlazzo did a post on an interesting lesson he did with his students to get them to think about their own brains. LINK

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