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Links for 10/01/09

By Wise Elephant • Oct 1st, 2009 • Category: Dailies

Links for 10/01/09

Um, Martha, Oprah already OWNS Twitter. LINK

Twitter to add Lists feature, soon. LINK

Incubate Innovation Lecture by Andrew Keen – video. LINK

New Music Label trolls YouTube for popular talent. LINK

This person who DID get a Google Wave invite, offers some insight. LINK

An Agency shares thoughts on their failed pitch. LINK

Bro! Some dude named Kimmel, maybe Jimmy’s bro, wrote a book on our prolonged adolescence. Party! LINK

Sculptors, photographed with their sculptures. LINK

An illustrator made an animated reel of his work to be attractive (maybe he should do animation?). LINK

David Lachapelle directed a video for Heatherette and Mac, it features the transsexual icon Amanda Lepore, (insert yawn here). LINK

“Community” needs to be redefined. LINK

The end of neighborhood boutiques? Has it all gone online? LINK

Tracey Baran, photographer who passed away recently at 32, exhibition at Leslie Tonkonow Gallery. LINK

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