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Links for 9/21/09

By Wise Elephant • Sep 21st, 2009 • Category: Dailies

Links for 9/21/09

Social Capital as part of GDP? (Social Capital Blog): French President Sarkozy’s blue-chip Commission recommends measuring social capital. LINK

World’s ten greatest large urban parks (Infrastructurist): Everyone knows what a urban park looks like, right? LINK

Dell Expands Services in $3.9 Billion Perot Deal (NYTimes): Dell, seeking growth, moves away from hardware and into people-power. LINK

Record Labels Dominate YouTube Views (Contentinople): Record labels are responsible for nearly two thirds of the most-viewed videos on YouTube. LINK

Twitter: A Vampire That Can Legally Suck the Life Out of You (AdAge): The Latest Changes to Its Terms of Service Make Clear the True Price of Using the Microblogging Platform. LINK

Study: Stay-at-home moms dominate social media (Content to Commerce): Mothers with children at home are more likely to use social media than any other average person. LINK

The End of Oil = The End of Suburbia (Grencrawler): 75% of Americans live in suburbs.  We have reached peak oil, and we are now entering a decline in oil production.  Putting these two statements together, what do we get? LINK

ikea catalog: 1965 (The Function Key): LINK

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