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The Great Devolution and the Emergent Force of Free Radicals

We’re amidst an economic “Devolution.” It’s not an easy era to define, to find solutions for, or to provide the path towards positive progress. The answers are here. They are burgeoning. Some are obvious within the movements of companies; others are simmering at the grass roots. History could look upon the next decade as a “greatest generation” putting us within the pantheon of our wartime heroes. Or they could see it, as economist Umair Haque believes, as “a lost decade.” I say let’s go for greatness!



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Seeking Interns for Music Photo Site»

We’re currently looking for 3 people to fill part-time (10-15 hrs/wk) internship positions. This is a great opportunity to be part of a live music photo site/start-up site while developing social media know-how and communications skills.

Job Alert: We’re Hiring a PT Community Engagement Coordinator»

One of the things we do at Wise Elephant is help launch start-ups and products. Currently we’re heading up operations for one of our clients, a live music photo website. Our roles include overall strategy, marketing and everything from planning workflow to building a team.

The Joy Connection and Good Social Capital»

In my Social Capital system everything starts with time; it’s the fundamental currency that I trade on. As example: It can take an author fifteen-years to write a book about a four-hundred-year-era that a reader ingests over a three-day-weekend. The author, rooted in time, produces the magic of encapsulating value into a pod (the book). The reader frees it, galloping through history, shredding time, getting lost in time, losing track of time.

Surviving a Creative Crisis»

Somewhere in the pursuit of creativity now and again the ideas dry up. Whether working in paint, film or at a keyboard, it’s inevitable. It happens to everyone. Eric Carle shared in his blog that he is not immune to writer’s block, or what he calls a “creative crisis.” In order to make it through, he surrenders to the inability to create.

Screencast: APA New York; Social Media, Listen – Engage – Broadcast»

In this screencast I highlight the main points covered during this Social Media seminar. This sceencast is a little over 10 minutes long; the seminar was over two hours of slides and Q&A.

Jason’s Pecha Kucha 9 Screen-Cast: Libraries…»

I did my best to replicate the content of my Pecha Kucha 9 presentation. The loose theme of the evening was focussed on book & public libraries. In Indianapolis there is current debate to cut library funding. My presentation pointed out 2 ways which could help boost the profile and revenues of the local public library system.

The UnDone Presentation: My non-linear presentations have been ultimately more successful…»

I chose the non-linear path for my recent Social Media seminar for APA | NY . Engaging your audience is a hard dance to manage but, as in this case proved, doing so offers greater value FOR THE ATTENDEES from the event. Value doesn’t mean everybody leaves happy. Value means the audience gained answers to questions; ideally these answers demand a renewal of thought.


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Hybrid Business: A New Mix, from Couture to Meat»

After watching ice cream trucks all but disappear from streets, the food truck business has made a huge comeback. When a taco truck in Indiana can make it into the New York Times, you know there’s a trend afoot. West Coast Tacos in Indianapolis is the perfect example of the hybrid business – new product, old package, new relevance.

LeBron James and the New Economy Matrix»

Everybody in Cleveland (and in other places too) is super-upset about LeBron joining the Heat. His decision though is part of a trend-wave that’s been building since we’ve tumbled (nose-dived?) into the recession. People, businesses, organizations have been making tough decisions through the spectrum of what I’m calling the “New Economy” matrix.

It’s a balance of [...]

Content Strategy Analysis: Old Spice Viral Campaign»

I’m not going to (yet) judge the Old Spice Viral campaign (no, I didn’t say Social Media campaign). We should revisit this campaign in three months and see what the residual effects are, then again in six months.
What I do think we can do now is define the type of content strategy they utilized to [...]

Hey, Remember Me?»

I went to my bank, Marshall & Ilsley in Broad Ripple, the other day and something really strange happened. There was no one else in line and the two tellers were finishing up with their previous transactions. One of them looked up at me and said, “Hi Sara, I’ll be right with you.” WAIT – what? She used my first name? Which she obviously remembers from previous visits?

Beyond the Click: Next Level Engagement for Your Fans»

Recently I’ve read a few posts about converting social media fans or followers into something more. The question came up again at the latest Indy Social Media Breakfast featuring a panel of speakers in the cultural attractions and tourism industry. How do you move someone from being a follower or fan and get them to actually do something?

Word of Mouth, Rock ‘n’ Roll Style»

Last night I went to the Ok Go concert (an MOKB and WTTS production at the Earth House) as a casual fan. I own one album, and I (along with millions of other YouTube viewers) find their videos clever and amusing. They have never been among my favorite bands, but despite that I am much more likely to tell stories about this concert than any other.

A Modern Meld: Lessons from Vinyl + Digital»

At first it seemed so convenient and full of instant gratification to buy music online, or even from my phone. I’ve been purchasing music via online download almost exclusively for the last four years. This was fueled in part by my green side telling me I’m saving on packaging materials and the transport of the product, and also by the fact that I had moved away from my favorite record store in Chicago.

Trail Blazers

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Social Cycling»

Bicycling just got a shot in the arm as a strong option for public transportation in the US. Sobi, the Social Bicycle System, offers bicycle sharing in a model reminiscent of Zip Car.

Neighborgoods in Your ‘Hood»

Americans have a romantic notion of being able to walk next door to borrow a cup of sugar, but most people I know don’t have that type of relationship with their neighbors. Neighborgoods seeks to change that by setting up a network where you can search for items you need to borrow, or lend/rent your own goods.

Sewn News»

As news consumption shifts between mediums, the future of printed news comes into question. Somewhere between feelings of nostalgia for the tactile experience and a drive for progress and technology, there’s cause for great reflection on the role of newspapers. Lauren DiCioccio creates mixed-media work for a mixed media world, using the New York Times as her canvas.

RSA Animate»

These whiteboard animations of provocative talks at the 250 year old institution, the RSA (The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), are dead-on in their mash-up of spoken word + illustration  into and online video format. Drafted by the illustrator Andrew Park the animations/videos are visually enticing as well as clearly [...]

Jamie Keiles Takes on Teen Media»

Jamie Keiles, at just 18 years old, has raised the bar on the student resume, not once, but twice. Having just completed The Seventeen Magazine Project, in which she documented 30 days of living life as advised by Seventeen, she has widened the scope for her latest project, teenagerie.com to cover representation of teenagers in media.

The Future of Biking»

Seeking a million voices for a cause isn’t anything new, but peopleforbikes.org have put together an ambitious nationwide call to action to help create a more bike-friendly environment in the states. If you’ve ever biked on a busy road, you know how much this movement is needed.

Alex Bogusky has left the building»

Though Alex Bogusky doubled the size of CP+B during his 10+ year tenure as Creative Director, a truly impressive feat, he has decided to quit the business. Always fresh with ideas while pursuing a maverick path, Alex seemed to have the Adland balance in check. He’s decided it’s time to move on, to blaze new [...]