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David D. Timony

By Jason Moriber • May 19th, 2009

David has a unique creative economy solution/case study where his school “traded” their unused space with a not-for-profit…

Rivka Katvan, Editorial Photographer

By Jason Moriber • Feb 17th, 2009

I first met Rivka Katvan at the loft/studio she shares with her husband, Moshe, on west 17th street in NYC. I knew the studio for its product shots

Jon Oringer, Founder, CEO, Shutterstock.com

By Jason Moriber • Feb 17th, 2009

How to survive as an image-maker in the digital age? Copyright is hard to protect, technology allows easy entry to creative

Richard Solomon, Artists Representative

By Jason Moriber • Nov 24th, 2008

Illustration has been around since the dawn of time. I confidently assumed it would succeed in outlasting the bumps and bruises of the digital wave. Photo initially exploded (although in some ways its currently imploding), but illustration was caught in the rut…

Lewis Van Arnam, Artists Representative

By Jason Moriber • Oct 8th, 2008

When interviewing our latest guru, Lewis Van Arnam, the Artists Representative (photography), I was struck by one or many key points: “The moral of the story is that we help ourselves by helping others.”

Susan Egan, Photographer

By Jason Moriber • Aug 12th, 2008

I didn’t want the photos to become portraits, and tried to avoid faces, which also makes the figures more accessible to the viewer, more fetishistic.

Rick Kintigh: Architect

By Megan • Jul 10th, 2008

What can you say about the Architect Rick Kintigh? You could say that he has many books and he performs all his own stunts. This is true, but there is more. You’ll never meet anyone just like Rick. Rick is a complex individual with a brilliant mind and a never-ending pursuit for innovation.

Brian Smale: Photographer

By Jason Moriber • Apr 23rd, 2008

I’ve never met Brian Smale in person. We’ve corresponded on and off over the last few years via email and on the phone, speaking mostly about the organization he’s affiliated with Editorial Photographers. He’s always been frank about the state of the image-market, and seemingly always on the road to a new gig. His answers [...]

Kelly Shea, Graphic Designer

By Jason Moriber • Mar 10th, 2008

A joyful and playfulness abounds in Kelly Shea’s work, a forward thinking modernism beyond any rigid coolness. Having been both a professor and a career freelancer, her honesty about her experiences and goals is refreshing. A truly stand-up person, a true rock in the industry, her practical wisdom might seem familiar. Still, it’s good to be reminded that in our competitive arena of creative professionals bright points on the map like Kelly are welcome stars.

Tim Steele: Chief Operating Officer

By Jason Moriber • Feb 19th, 2008

Tim Steele is not a fiery manager, nor is he steely, he’s “ready.” I think of kung-fu fighters who pay little attention to the flare, but once called upon, they can kick-it where it needs to go. Tim is no fighter, but there’s no getting past him, the problem will be solved, now, if not sooner.