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Ingrid Werthmann Photography

By Megan • Sep 29th, 2008

Testing for editorial fashion with dancer and model Trevor Small

Ingrid Werthmann Photography
Fashion, Beauty and Advertising

Casey McKinnon, Actress: Self Portrait Series #8

By Jason Moriber • Jul 7th, 2008

Casey McKinnon seeks to take a daily self-portrait, and has been successful at her quest. We love the self-portrait, connecting visually with a real person, freckles and all, when so much online is text, icon or avatar based.

Chicago Zombie March 2008

By Megan • Jun 24th, 2008

This past Saturday was the very first Chicago Zombie March. Close to 1000 zombies invaded downtown Chicago for a deadly stroll around the city. Tourists and city dwellers were a little puzzled but we only wanted their “BRAINS!” The variety of zombies were vast and everyone went all out! This deadly extravaganza was the finest [...]

Cameraphone images of Phil Barcio

By Jason Moriber • Jun 18th, 2008

If there is a current trend, or current trends, the definition of great images fluctuates between the North/South poles of Fantasy and Documentary, and the East/West of Craft and Found.

Manuel Armas’s New Work

By Jason Moriber • Jun 16th, 2008

Manuel emailed us his short portfolio over the weekend. We were excited to find these pieces, a different approach to his work from his wall-oriented work.

Eduardo Rodriguez, Photographer: Self Portrait Series #7

By Megan • Jun 11th, 2008

Photographer Eduardo Rodriguez is currently in school at the Rochester Institute of Technology majoring in Advertising Photography with a minor in Art History. Eduardo was born in the US into a Puerto Rican family and shares strong family roots in both places. Eduardo’s work is simple yet fresh. He has a strong [...]

Ysanya Pérez, Photographer: Self Portrait Series #6

By Megan • May 7th, 2008

Photographer Ysanya Pérez was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and came to Rochester, New York when she was four. She currently attends the Rochester Institute of Technology where she is majoring in Advertising Photography with a minor in French Studies. Her style of work displays vibrant colors and contrast with a focus on portraits, [...]

Constance Kostrevski, Photographer: Self Portrait Series #5

By Megan • Apr 3rd, 2008

You can find Constance Kostrevski in Chicago where she’s taking pictures and out dancing. Constance’s photography career blew up when she started photographing the Chicago based hip-hop group The Cool Kids. She has a massive Chicago following that goes with her massive personality. Constance sees the glass half full and this positive outlook and her [...]

New video from Bashar Sawalha

By Megan • Apr 1st, 2008

A new video from the ever so talented Bashar Sawalha.

Ipek Kuran, Photographer: Self Portrait Series #4

By Wise Elephant • Mar 13th, 2008

Ipek Kuran is a photographer based out of Brooklyn. You can contact her at ipek.kuran@gmail.com or check out her shared website at: www.guneycuceloglu.com LINK