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The Big Fish Rule

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • Jul 18th, 2007 • Category: News for Creatives (archives)

The NYTimes reports on the sale of Mediabistro to Jupiter Media today for $23 Million. I guess we’re happy for them, they show that a small start-up with a good idea, lots of hard work (10 years) can make it, OR can it? Is it that all small businesses must realize there is a finality to their growth within one sector and that it takes either an injection of investment or a sale to a larger fish in order to keep in business. Could we say that this is a reflection of the decreased opportunities for image-makers as individuals and more opportunities (but less revenues) as part of stock libraries? Should we start a union? (can we?). Our guess is that now Mediabistro is part of a larger entity they will something, some audience, flair, we’ll see. But for sure this opens up a hole in the creative economy, making room for a new start-up to fill the gap.

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