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Canon Introduces HR10 HD Camcorder… but Late?

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • May 9th, 2007 • Category: News for Creatives (archives)

“…Canon is hoping its new HR10 HD camcorder will be a winner in the end. It certainly looks like a serious contender to us, even though it wasn’t the first HD DVD camcorder out of the gate. In addition to being able to record high-def (1920 x 1080) content to DVDs via the AVCHD video format, the HR10 has a 10x optical zoom lens for getting close to the action, Canon’s Instant AF focus system for quickly locking on your subject, and reliable optical image stabilization for keeping footage steady.

What we like most about this model though is its new school/old school vibe. Along with being able to record crisp high def, the HR10 also has a 24p Cine Mode which mimics the smooth, warm look of film. The camcorder’s Cine settings also let your tweak the color and tone of your video to produce a variety of classic film looks.” Read more here

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