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Workbook presents: Wise Elephant’s Marketing Strategy for Creative Professionals

By Jason Moriber • Oct 8th, 2008

I’m giving a presentation at the Workbook (NYC) office on…Online Marketing: Email, Blogs and Social Networks

Sales leads = planting tree seeds

By Jason Moriber • Oct 8th, 2008

In my own routine I need reminders, mantras, stories that reinforce my marketing and sales plans, stories that I can share with peers.

Let it roll!

By Jason Moriber • Jul 7th, 2008

“It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.” from The Godfather, 1972

Update: Data Intelligence the new king?

By Jason Moriber • Jun 24th, 2008

ClickZ reports today on IAC’s new demographic-segmentation called “”audience cube” that builds on layered data, offering a richer understanding of their audience and how to position ads for these new segments.

Data Intelligence the new king?

By Jason Moriber • Jun 23rd, 2008

It was a “content” kingdom for while, then I believed distribution is king. Maybe it’s data intelligence? There is so much data now available but data alone is useless when not matched or managed with a criteria system to determine the new paths. Could the useful parsing, combining and culling of the data be the next kingdom?

Note on the Importance of Polite Business

By Jason Moriber • Mar 10th, 2008

This wise nugget was embedded towards the middle of this current NYTimes article on the US Air force’s choice of an Airbus refueling jet over Boeing’s proposed model. The main spin, and probably sticking point, to this story is the on-the-face value of US vs. Europe and the believed loss of American jobs. The truth [...]