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Short-ish Note on Brevity

By Jason Moriber • Oct 13th, 2009

Similar to an ecologist pointing out that the culprits of bad-recycling-habits are actually the manufacturers who create all the packaging, NOT the consumer who is then left with the rubbish to dispose of, if we want to figure out “why brevity?” we need to focus on the people/places/things who say that messages, “are too long,” as we cave to this demand and chop-up our daily language into sound-bites via Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

My “Active Marketing” Presentation (Slides/Video)

By Jason Moriber • Sep 10th, 2009

Here are my slides and an edited-down video from my presentation. The content of this presentation includes both tools and tactics that creative professionals should be using to be “active” in their marketing. The goal of “Active Marketing” is to display to your audience your verve for your subject…

“always remember to follow up with people, in any situation, at the very least within seventy-two hours” http://bit.ly/Ys26a

By Jason Moriber • Aug 24th, 2009

“always remember to follow up with people, in any situation, at the very least within seventy-two hours”  http://bit.ly/Ys26a

Q: Why aren’t more agencies, PR firms, social media people/agencies practicing what they preach?

By Jason Moriber • Aug 10th, 2009

A: Social Media takes a lot time and consistency. Here are some identifiers I’ve witnessed: The Potter, The Apex, and The Hunger…

Be Magnetic

By Jason Moriber • Jun 29th, 2009

You need to create messaging that displays your active-ness and to keep at it. In short, be interesting. The bonus: you ARE interesting, it’s a question of how you share it without sounding like you’re boasting.

Please don’t skimp your clients

By Jason Moriber • Jun 16th, 2009

Last night my family chose to get together at a restaurant we’ve enjoyed in the past. Food has been good, the service, the atmosphere, all good. The waitress asked us for our drink order…

Get it un-stuck, make it sexy

By Jason Moriber • Mar 16th, 2009

Beyond the ongoing debate over what will eventually happen to newspapers I feel there needs to be some quick pragmatic thinking on what can be done “now.” The quickest changes can be made to print-media’s online sites.

Q: Is your “active” marketing the same as “inbound” marketing?

By Jason Moriber • Dec 16th, 2008

A: It’s fairly similar. Each marketer will have their own key phrase to best describe what it is they do for you. In both of these cases the goals are the same, to gain the client new leads using an active marketing plan (blogs, social media, email). In some cases “inbound” focusses mainly on search [...]

We need to find 10%

By Jason Moriber • Nov 6th, 2008

This is not a scientific statistical analysis, I’m using browsed numbers on lay-offs and some hard-earned wisdom.

The Slides from the Workbook Online Marketing Presentation

By Jason Moriber • Nov 3rd, 2008

Here is the link to the slides I created for the Workbook/Wise Elephant Online Marketing presentation.