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Dmitry Peretrutov for Luciano Carvari

By Caesar Lima • Mar 2nd, 2008

Luciano Carvari
Designer: S. Khorolsky
Project manager: A/ Kravtsov
Photographer: D. Peretrutov
Stylist: V. Malyarenko
Ad Agency: Kinograph
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Caesar Lima for Nokia remade

By Caesar Lima • Feb 27th, 2008

The ‘Remade’ mobile is made from upcycled materials like aluminum cans, plastic drink bottles and old car tires. Inside the sleek “nothing new” casing are more environmentally sensitive technologies like printed electronics (which reduce waste and CO2 emissions during manufacturing) and a backlit display which saves energy and increases the life of the battery. Photography by Caesar [...]

Caesar Lima for English Clientele

By Caesar Lima • Feb 26th, 2008


Client: English Clientele
Model: Sara Harmon
Make up: Veronica Hernandez
Hair: Manuel Benevides
Wardrobe: Mike Sam
Photography: Caesar Lima 

Jean-Noël for Pepsi Cola

By Caesar Lima • Feb 26th, 2008


Advertising Agency: CLM BBDO, Boulogne Billancourt, France
Creative Directors: Jean-François Sacco, Gilles Fichteberg
Art Director: Paola Nauges
Copywriter: Fabien Moreira
Photographer: Jean-Noël Leblanc-Bontemps
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Brasílio Matsumoto for the Handicapped Sports Association

By Caesar Lima • Feb 21st, 2008

Exactly when can you help us? Ready, set, go!
Yes, running is good for the heart
Advertising Agency: age. Comunicações, São Paulo, Brasil
Creative Directors: Carlos Domingos, Paulo Pretti
Art Directors: Paulo Pretti, Luter Filho
Copywriter: Ana Reber
Illustrator: Brasílio Matsumoto
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Caesar Lima’s Urban Toys

By Caesar Lima • Feb 19th, 2008

“new book” Urban Toy
Called “Urban Vinyl Toys” or “Designer Toys”, these are highly collectable design concepts created by artists all over the world. 
The Urban Toy scene was born in 1997 when designer Michael Lau showed up at a Hong Kong toy show with a handful of GI-Joes he’d customized into hip-hop street fashion figures. [...]

Marino Parisotto for Campari Calendar

By Caesar Lima • Feb 19th, 2008

February, The Thumbellina (Seduction)The new 2008 9th edition Campari Calendar featuring the wild doll Eva Mendes captured by Italian photographer Marino Parisotto. The calendar shoot was done on location in the small Italian town of Rosignano, 15 miles from Livorno.
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Ian Abela for Arena

By Caesar Lima • Feb 16th, 2008

Agency Groupe Novembre City Paris 
Advertiser Arena Business Sector Water Sports 
Campaign Name Water Instinct 2008 
Photographer Ian Abela
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Karina Taira for Francesco Biasia

By Caesar Lima • Feb 14th, 2008

A great advert campaign for Francesco Biasia. This girls are stunning art, thoughtful science and pure commerce for woman. Superb concept in convincing you that bags are a part of you, not just simple fashion accesories.

Category: Fashion
Client: Francesco Biasia
Agency: D’Aadda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO
Creative Team: Gianpietro Vigorelli, Vicky Gitto, Vincenzo Gasbarro
Photographer: Karina Taira
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Nadav Kander for Pepsi Raw

By Caesar Lima • Feb 13th, 2008

Advertiser: PEPSI 
Brand: Pepsi Raw 
Country: United Kingdom 
Category: Non-alcoholic drinks 
Campaign: Pepsi Raw (Naturally) 
Photograper: Nadav Kander
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