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Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the…

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • Jul 16th, 2007

From O’Reilly…
” Seattle’s McLeod Residence currently has photomosaic mirrors in the bathrooms. The McLeod Mirrors track your image and in (relative) real-time generate your image with hundreds of other images. The images used in the display come from powder room visitors.”
If the mirror takes pictures, and has a “memory”…wow, I don ‘t know how to [...]

India Arie by Stan Shaw Illustration (image)

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • Jul 16th, 2007

tags: stan shaw, illustration, washington, newspapers, magazines, portrait, national, editorial, commercial, caricature, stylized, digital illustration, airbrush

Grouper now Crackle.com, a positive shift for copyright…

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • Jul 16th, 2007

Copyright, an important issue to us creatives, is sluggishly moving it’s weight around. Where sites like YouTube, who blatantly ignore the creative food-chain (that it takes money to make these well-crafted videos, and that stealing them causes someone harm somewhere, if not a rough ripple through the creative community), Grouper has decided to modify itself [...]

Fabrik-Studios.com (image)

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • Jul 16th, 2007

tags: adrian, mueller, fabrik, studios, photography, collective, switzerland, digital imaging, sylvan, muller, beat, brechbuhl, simone, eugster, new york

Closed the next 2 Fridays

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • Jul 13th, 2007

Hi All,
Aligrator will be closed for posts today and next Friday. See you on Monday!

Don’t jog with your iPod in a thunderstorm

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • Jul 12th, 2007

“Here’s a safety alert. Jogging + iPod + thunderstorm = very bad idea. A letter published in this week’s issue of the New England Journal of Medicine reports that a 37-year-old iPod-listening jogger in Vancouver, British Columbia, suffered serious injuries when he ran by a tree as it was struck by lightning.”
From The Machinist (Salon.com)

The Importance of Targeted Diversification

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • May 21st, 2007

We often get the question(s) of whether an artist should chose to advertise in a source book (such as the Workbook), do a direct mail piece, or do email broadcasts (like with Wise Elephant). Our answer is typically “all of the above, wisely, and if your budget affords it.” We often point out the larger [...]

Photobucket vs. Myspace

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • May 9th, 2007

from TGdaily:
“Following a contentious feud between the two web services, Myspace will reportedly acquire the photo sharing site Photobucket.  The straight cash buyout is in the area of $250 million, reports Reuters.  Photobucket is the reigning market share leader of online photo storage.

Nearly 2.8 billion images are stored on Photobucket’s servers, with 41 million registered [...]

Canon Introduces HR10 HD Camcorder… but Late?

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • May 9th, 2007

“…Canon is hoping its new HR10 HD camcorder will be a winner in the end. It certainly looks like a serious contender to us, even though it wasn’t the first HD DVD camcorder out of the gate. In addition to being able to record high-def (1920 x 1080) content to DVDs via the AVCHD video [...]

If you can’t beat them, buy them

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • Mar 7th, 2007

Avenue A | Razorfish have purchased Duke, a Paris based independent-interactive agency. Ave A | Razor has been purchasing smaller international agencies, those in the UK, Japan, and Australia. Why?
“The rate of international Internet advertising growth [is] out pacing that of the U.S…”
From Top Story