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Be Magnetic

By Jason Moriber • Jun 29th, 2009 • Category: Strategy & Planning

Increasingly the trend is that people prefer to gain information from other “people” and have a growing interest in “the personal.” It could be a symptom of reality TV saturation, or a natural pendulum swing towards perceived authenticity after twenty+ years of advertising and PR bombardment from ever increasing media channels (web, print, tv, radio, outdoor, etc.), or other factors. Either way, it’s happening, and with the many tools from social networks through smart-phones its adoption is blooming.

In response you need to get “active.” You need to create messaging that displays your active-ness and to keep at it. In short, be interesting. The bonus: you ARE interesting, it’s a question of how you share it without sounding like you’re boasting. The boost: do what you are passionate about, share your passion. The more you do and share the greater magnetism you build. The plan is to be active, your goal is to be magnetic.

No, you’re not boring, no one is. You need to drill into your passion and figure the way to actively share it. Do that and you’ll be magnetic.

Jason Moriber is a veteran product/project/marketing manager, underground artist/musician, and online community developer, Jason expertly builds/produces/manages clients' projects, programs, and campaigns. Follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/jelefant
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