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Please don’t skimp your clients

By Jason Moriber • Jun 16th, 2009 • Category: Strategy & Planning

Last night my family chose to get together at a restaurant we’ve enjoyed in the past. Food has been good, the service, the atmosphere, all good. The waitress asked us for our drink order, during the round it turned out they had only one type of gin available, and it wasn’t a “good” one. Big restaurant, big menu, one gin. The waitress, doing her best to represent the house, apologized politely but firmly and suggested another type of aperitif. We moved on. A little later we asked the floor manager to confirm there was only one gin in the restaurant (we’re investigatory types).

“Oh yes, we have 7 bottles of that brand left in stock, and we won’t order any other gins until we sell out of it.”

Yikes! It’s a large restaurant with a full bar! What does that mean for the culture of that restuarant? Are they skimping in other areas too? What a message to send to your clientelle!

Please don’t skimp your clients, it shows…badly.

Jason Moriber is a veteran product/project/marketing manager, underground artist/musician, and online community developer, Jason expertly builds/produces/manages clients' projects, programs, and campaigns. Follow me on twitter http://twitter.com/jelefant
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