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Chinese Camouflage Technology

By Ryan • Aug 27th, 2008 • Category: The Big Secret

According to recently released CIA photos, the Chinese have been making great advancements in camouflage technology. US Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, addressed the nation on this breaking development saying we must bridge this camouflage gap.

These pictures were first leaked to Fox News two weeks ago. Shepard Smith stated that with these new developments, now we must shake our shower curtains, drop books on our couches before taking a seat, and worst yet, carefully check all corners of our children’s bedrooms before tucking them in for bed in fear that a Chinese camo spy may be watching our every move. Asked if we should panic after learning this new development, Shepard answered with an emphatic, “YES!”

Actually these are not Chinese Camo Spys, but they are the impressive feats of paint and perspective by Chinese artist Liu Bolin. Click here to view the amazing collection.

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