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Tanit Sakakini; Photographer, Filmmaker (Videographer)

By Jason Moriber • Jun 7th, 2008 • Category: Example Projects, Photography

Client: Tanit Sakakini

Tanit Rules!

Overview:Tanit Sakakini is a photographer/videographer who is too busy working to manage and produce her marketing plans. She called on Wise Elephant to be her virtual marketing department.

Goals: We’ve been assisting Tanit with her marketing for over two years, starting as her email marketing team and currently as both a consultant and her lead-building crew. We were delighted to be part of developing the focus for her new elegant website. We identified Tanit as a trend-setter who has feet in multiple worlds while taking innovative paths to making work and counseled her on how to bring this tone to her website.

Tasks: Wise Elephant assists Tanit with gaining new contacts for her photo and film/video work through email marketing, strategic consultation, and lead generation (emails and telephone).

Our ongoing aim is to market both her photo work and film/video work to emerging markets while keeping in fingers on the pulse of the standards (agencies, brands, networks).

Results: Tanit continues to gain new leads and new gigs.

LINK: Tanit Sakakini

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