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Art on a Grand Scale / Richard Solomon Artist Representative

By Jason Moriber • Jun 6th, 2008 • Category: Example Projects, Illustration

Client: Richard Solomon Artists Representative / Art on a Grand Scale

Overview: Wise Elephant was introduced to Richard Solomon (RSAR) by Workbook who suggested us as email marketing gurus. RSAR is as a premiere firm representing top illustration talent who had relied on the tried and true “old-school” methods of telephone, print-portfolio, and mailing/drop off marketing programs to support their ongoing efforts. It was our charge to show them the ropes of email marketing and list management, to get them into that arena successfully.

The project was smooth sailing until a bit of tragedy hit RSAR, if you recall the news story of the crane falling in NYC, this particular crane fell directly on RSAR’s office. Years of great works, flat files, databases, all their hardware, EVERYTHING was lost. RSAR needed to get back up and running quick, and to aggressively take a digital-first approach.

Wise Elephant developed new work-flows based on a philosophy of keeping paper-less as much as possible, while finding increased efficiencies in current office tasks. This lead to new marketing efforts using the tasks as multifaceted assets for new initiatives and to compound current ones.

Tasks: Email Consultation, Business Development in the Digital Age. Wise Elephant assists Richard Solomon (RSAR) with two of his businesses, focusing on digital marketing (social media, email, web, blogs) and business development consultation (moving his biz to use more digital assets).

Results: Lead generation is up, responses are up, and RSAR is becoming ever more significant in the online arena though the use of social media, networks, and online video.

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