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Upcoming Photo Events And Contests

By Ryan • Apr 2nd, 2008 • Category: News for Creatives (archives), Photography

Posted by Daryl Lang of PDNOnline.com:

“Major upcoming events and contest deadlines:

  • FOTOFEST2008: March 7 to April 20

    Houston, Texas, plays host to FOTOFEST2008-CHINA, the Twelfth International Biennial of Photography and Photo-related Art, through April 20. Art spaces throughout the city are hosting exhibitions on “Photography from China 1934-2008,” other China-related exhibits and shows on the theme Transformations. More information at fotofest.org.

  • April 7: Minnesota Center for Photography/McNight Foundation Fellowship Deadline

    The MCP/McKnight Artist Fellowships for Photographers awards four $25,000 fellowships to mid-career photographers in Minnesota. Applications for 2008/2009 are due Monday, April 7 at 5 p.m. Details are online at mcknightphoto.org.

  • April 10 to 13: AIPAD New York

    The Association of International Photography Art Dealers will present the AIPAD Photography Show New York from April 10 to 13 at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. The show expects to host more than 75 leading fine art photography galleries. Details are online at at aipad.com.

  • April 14: New York Photo Awards Deadline

    Entries for the first New York Photo Awards are due by April 14. The awards are being hosted in connection with the New York Photo Festival, which runs May 14 to 18 (see below). Submissions are being accepted in the categories of Editorial, Personal Work/ Unpublished/ Fine Art, Advertising, Books and Multimedia. There is also a student division. Information is online at newyorkphotoawards.com.

  • April 16: Picturehouse Chicago

    Picturehouse, the conference of image suppliers and buyers, will holding its Chicago event on April 16. Details at picturehouse.org.

  • April 24-27: ASPP Education Conference

    The American Society of Picture Professionals will hold its 5th Education Conference from April 24 to 27 at the Hilton Phoenix East/Mesa Hotel in Mesa, Ariz. The conference will feature eight sessions with industry guest speakers and panelists on stock, metadata, copyright and other topics. Details are online at aspp.com.”

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  1. Hello Ryan,

    I am just now getting to know Wise Elephant. Unfortunately, it seems, being an Artist/Photographer, I have missed quite a few competitions I could’ve entered!
    I come from Rio de Janeiro, where I studied two years of Architecture before moving to the US. Been here for over twenty years now. I studied photography at the Corcoran Museum of Art in Washington, DC, at UCLA, while living in CA for eight years. Having studied the ‘old’ style of photography, I decided to take a chance on the digital world, love the immediacy of it! And a few years back took a couple of courses in digital photography/photoshop/printing at NYU. So far, things are going well. I won the first prize for C-SPAN’s 25th anniversary, which became their logo. Had a piece at MoMA, here in NYC for a year and a half, at the Executive Offices. It is now at the Museum of Modern Art in San Diego. A copy of it is in Hong Kong, in an office building, overlooking Victoria Bay. Have had quite a few exhibits, from Los Angeles, to Washington, DC, to Rio de Janeiro and New York. I do hope I don’t sound like I am bragging, because I am aware of how long the road is before one becomes a well known living artist! And one more thing, Sotheby’s called me an Impressionist of the 21st Century. Reason why there are three pages devoted to it on my site. Which, if and when you have a few minutes, i’d be extremely grateful if you look at it and write your first impressions. It would mean a whole lot to me.
    Thank you, Ryan!


  2. Hi Ryan,

    I wrote a long, maybe too long of a comment … while trying to submit it, it says ‘awaiting for moderation’ … not sure wether or not you might get it.
    I sincerely hope you will,


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