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Master Class: Liquid Light

By jason - up to 2007 (archived) • Nov 12th, 2007 • Category: News for Creatives (archives)

By Russel Hart for PopPhoto.com:

“You may be surprised to learn that Howard Schatz simply holds his breath to shoot his dreamy, bedazzling underwater photographs. No scuba gear or snorkel tube for him: Unlike his subjects, who must hyperventilate then breathe out deeply to sink below the water’s surface, Schatz maintains his full lung capacity by submerging himself with a weighted waistbelt. A nationally recognized ophthalmologist in his former life, the photographer can tell you exactly how this works, an explanation involving carbon dioxide and the way our brains monitor its level in our blood. ‘Before we go under I teach everybody to breathe,” he says. “I can get just about anybody to hold their breath for a minute, but all I really need is 30 seconds.’”

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