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Creative Photography: The Super Wide-Angle View

By jason - up to 2007 (archived) • Oct 16th, 2007 • Category: Loose Ends, News for Creatives (archives)

 by Scott Stulberg for Better Photo

“Choosing the right lenses for your photo arsenal can be perplexing and expensive. After a basic lens, the most common lens that people usually buy is some sort of telephoto lens that often is a zoom telephoto. I use these lenses all the time and the 70-200 f2,8 IS from Canon is my workhorse. But many people do not realize the importance of a wide angle view or even a super wide angle view.

I love to shoot super wide shots and one of the benefits of having a digital camera with a full frame sensor is that you can shoot incredibly wide shots that are sometimes breathtaking. There are different focal lengths for wide angle lenses but if you want to try something different, shooting super wide can open up a whole new world.

The accompanying three images were all shot with my 14mm Canon f2.8 lens, which was very expensive. Other manufacturers make similar lenses that cost much less but can give you similar results.”

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