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The Importance of Targeted Diversification

By amanda up to 2007 (archives) • May 21st, 2007 • Category: Loose Ends

We often get the question(s) of whether an artist should chose to advertise in a source book (such as the Workbook), do a direct mail piece, or do email broadcasts (like with Wise Elephant). Our answer is typically “all of the above, wisely, and if your budget affords it.” We often point out the larger media players who plaster their news on billboards, project it over the radio, and display it on tv; it doesn’t take a discerning eye to see this type of Targeted Diversification in action. We creative professionals must do more with less in terms of marketing, so a mix of using the different outlets to promote oneself is important; some art buyers rely on the source books, some on emails, some from word of mouth. We need to keep the work moving “out there” in order to keep our names and work available to those who might need us.

But what really brought on this post? A more subversive PR campaign on TV. Last night on two different stations were two movies running simultaneously.  Both movies starred the actors Bill Pullman and Frank Langella. Coincidence? Nope, a clever PR/Publicist is making sure their client(s) are being seen by possibly two different, yet somewhat related demographics. Keep an eye out for a new Bill Pullman movie (Noble Son just ran in the recently closed Tribeca Film Festival). Targeted Diversification works, on any scale.

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